Wowtrips Is a S2B2C Platform Focusing On China's Inbound Tourism

Wowtrips is committed to connecting global travel agents with China's local travel agencies and their quality products.

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What is Wowtrips?

Wowtrips is a S2B2C platform focusing on China's inbound tourism. The mission of Wowtrips is to help tourism practitioners to earn money easily and efficiently. Wowtrips is committed to connecting global travel agents and travelers with China's local travel agencies, suppliers and their quality products. Wowtrips not only offers B2B trading services permanently at no commission but also provides various technical support and services to help local travel agencies of China, global travel agents, other tourism practitioners and travelers to achieve a win-win situation.

Advantages of Wowtrips Platform

Cost-effective Products

Wowtrips provides high-quality tour products to meet the demand from low-end, middle-end and high-end customers.

Security-guaranteed Transaction

Guaranteed transactions safeguard risk-free cooperation through a simple and easy process.

Information Security

Wowtrips attaches great importance to privacy and information security.

Complaint & Right Safeguard

Professional quality control, guaranteed right safeguard

Refund Guarantee

Guaranteed refund is paid timely according to the terms and conditions.

Multiple Profit Modes

Commission and Rebate.

Massive High-Quality Tour Suppliers

Wowtrips gathers tour suppliers of all categories on its platform by strict screening to guarantee the quality.

High Capital Efficiency

Wowtrips offers timely financial services to guarantee the efficient usage of capital.

All-around Marketing

Wowtrips endeavors to increase sales conversion of tour products by doing creative, accurate and multi-dimensional marketing.

Tour Product Customization

Wowtrips offers you the opportunity of joining free FAM trip and taking part in the customization of new tour products of China.

Why Be an Agent of Wowtrips Tour Products?

You don't have to worry there are no good china tour products to sell.

Wowtrips China continuously brings to you cherry-picked high-quality, best-selling and cost-effective products of different price levels from China. So many and so great!

You don't have to worry there is no client.

The clients of Wowtrips S2B2C Website are the clients of yours. From now on, you may just stay at home waiting the clients to come to you. The only thing you have to do is to provide supreme online service to the clients from all over the world who speak the same language as you. Then close the deal and earn money. It's so easy!

You don't have to worry you'll lose any client.

Wowtrips records every effort you make to serve the client. As long as the client finally places an order on Wowtrips, even if he/she has not ordered directly from you, Wowtrips will reward you with part of the commission! Earn commission just by providing customer service. It's simply true!

You don't have to worry you can't get the commission after the transaction.

The Agent Protection Policy of Wowtrips will protect your rights and make commission arrive at your platform account quickly and safely. It's so cool!

You don't have to worry you work harder but earn less.

Wowtrips Agent Development Program helps you get upgraded continuously. The higher grade you achieve the higher commission rate you'll get, and the bigger contribution you offer and the more money you'll earn. It's so fair!

You don't have to worry about business development.

Wowtrips encourage agents to have one-to-one in-depth communication and cooperation with local travel agencies. You'll find more local travel agencies from China on Wowtrips and develop them into your long-term solid cooperative partners, and step forward to sign private bilateral agreements with them and get better commission rates! Wowtrips can even serve as a social business platform. It's so powerful!

You don't have to worry about lack of training.

Wowtrips provides you various types of trainings including free-of-charge FAM trips, trade conferences, tourism promotions hosted by tourism associations, online webinars as well as the good customer service from the sellers. It's so convenient!

You don't have to worry about how to increase sales conversion.

Wowtrips helps you improve your sales performance by leveraging its creative marketing scheme. It's so effective!

You don't have to worry about website construction.

Wowtrips S2B2C website has got everything ready for you. Just forget all the troubles about the website and focus on the things you are good at and you can make money from. It's so simple!

You don't have to worry about the rising cost and the stagnant sales.

Wowtrips helps you simplify your business by cutting out the superfluous part, increasing your income and reducing your expenditure. It's so considerate!