What is Wowtrips For China's Local Agencies

Helps You to Expand Your
Inbound Tourism Market

Leverage the Power of Global Travel Agents to Sell Your Tour Products to the World


What is Wowtrips for China Local Travel Agencies?

For China local travel agencies, Wowtrips is a platform of global distribution and direct-selling. Besides helping you to promote your tour products to global travel agents, Wowtrips can also help you turn global travelers who have experienced your tour products before into your personal agents to sell your products, and as result assists you to expand the global market. The mission of Wowtrips is to help you to earn money easily and efficiently. Regardless of your business scale, Wowtrips can help you to open the international market for your quality products! Wowtrips is dedicated to connecting China local travel agencies and their tour products with global travel agents and travelers. Wowtrips not only offers B2B trading services permanently free of commission but also offers various technical support and services to help local travel agencies, global agents, other tourism practitioners and travelers to achieve a win-win situation.

Multiple Business Modes Available for Your Selection

By registering a Wowtrips account as a China local travel agency, you may select at your will different business modes to expand your sales agent team, increase your revenue sources and thus boost your sales. Regardless of your business scale, you may always find one suitable business mode for your specific business type. You may earn money easily and efficiently by just focusing on improving user experience and delivering quality local travel services.

Sell Tour Products

By putting your tour products on Wowtrips for sale, you may leverage the power of global travel agents as well as personal agents to sell them, and can even go further to turn your end-customers (travelers) into your personal sales agents. Your sales team will be strengthened tremendously!

Incubate Customized Tour Products

You may take part in the incubation of new tour products on Wowtrips, customizing featured tour products which highly meet the demand of the oversea market, and thus become the exclusive local service supplier of the product. You may even independently incubate your own exclusive featured tour products for sale. Your product line will be expanded and optimized!

Provide Local Travel Services

By fully utilizing your resources and strengths in specific travel destinations, you may just focus on providing quality local travel services and the related supporting services so as to continuously improve the travel experience and the service level. You will become the top local service supplier in some specific travel destinations!

Provide Customer Service

You may also make full use of your human resources and your professional knowledge and rich experiences in specific travel destinations to provide customer service for the end users of Wowtrips (travelers). Besides selling tour products, you may earn extra money by providing online customer service!

What Benefits Will Wowtrips Bring to You?


Global Sales Network

The registered agents of Wowtrips from all over the world may be your sales agents, helping you to sell you products globally on Wowtrips. Besides, Wowtrips will sign agreements with cherry-picked high-quality global agents, permitting them to bulk purchase your tour products on Wowtrips and then sell them on their owned online and offline sales channels.


Permanently Commission Free

Wowtrips provides you B2B trading services permanently free of commission, leaving the profits to sales agents and end customers. The cost-effectiveness and competitiveness of your products will be improved significantly and your sales volume will be increased largely as a result. In this way, Wowtrips is your B2B direct-selling platform.


Intelligent Management & Easy Usage

Wowtrips supports instant release and easy maintenance of product prices and stock, intelligent order handing and distribution management. It helps you to achieve highly efficient all-channel operation.


Secured Transaction

Wowtrips B2B Transaction Security Scheme guarantees risk-free transactions by providing security protection for your tow-way transactions during the whole trading process.


Channel Construction

Wowtrips encourages local travel agencies to establish solid long-term cooperation relations with single global travel agents. A local travel agency may sign confidential rebate schemes with different global agents according to their contributions to the margin so as to motivate them to sell more.


Creative Marketing Mode

Wowtrips starts for you a brand new e-commerce marketing mode to promote and sell your products at little marketing cost by leveraging the power of the vast crowd. Exploded sales will be achieved for your hot products.